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Sanders Handcrafted Toys shop is located in Portland, Oregon--a beautiful wooded North West corner of the USA. Horace Sanders, a retired Mechanical Engineer, has been in the toy making business since 1997. He has always loved to work with wood since his childhood. However, he got into the toy making business by coincidence.

For several years, Horace purchased Handcrafted wooden toys from Jolyn Toys (a local Oregon toy company). He either mailed or had Jolyn drop mail toys directly to his godson, nieces, and nephews throughout the US. When the owners of Jolyn Toys told him they were retiring, he couldn't stand to let the tradition of their fine handcrafted toys fade away. He liked the way they were engineered, designed and fabricated. Horace liked the toys operability and their exceptional quality--in fact so much so "He Bought the Company".

Although confined to a wheel chair, Horace accepted the challenge and committed himself to continue making quality wooden toys; toys that are functional, interactive and interchangeable; toys that enhance both fine and gross motor skills and encourage child development; toys that are safe, rugged and will become heirlooms for generations to come.

Product Information  
Sanders handcrafted Toys is dedicated to making the highest quality top of the line handmade wooden toys. Our toys captivate and stimulate the creative imagination of children and adults alike. Our toys are made with fine hardwoods such as Eastern Maple, Ash and Black Walnut. They are designed and engineered to be simple, safe, and durable. The handcrafted details, along with the beauty of the wood grain, bring joy to every owner. Children love to play with our toys. Our toys will last a lifetime and can be passed down from generation to generation. Sanders Toys can be found in homes, classrooms, daycare centers, and on many business office desks.

We are committed to making toys that are safe for children to play with. Our rugged designs minimize sharp points, and further we route and sand all edges. All toys are finished with a pharmaceutical grade non-toxic mineral oil. We are proud to be environmentally responsible. Our toys are made with a renewable resource-wood-and care is taken to minimize waste.

Long term Care
We finish all toys with mineral oil, it brings out the natural color and grain patterns of the wood. Over the course of time, and especially in the wintertime, the toy may take on a dry appearance. Using a paper towel or your finger, rub a light coat of mineral oil on the toy to restore it to it's original luster, then place the toy on paper towels for up to twenty four hours to dry. Mineral oil is commonly sold in drug stores and grocery stores.

Sanders Toys guarantees every product it sells. All toys have a lifetime guarantee against breakage due to manufacturing defects. If one of our toys breaks, return it to us and we will at our discretion repair or replace the toy free of charge, you pay shipping. If any item does not meet your expectations, for any reasons, we will happily exchange or refund your money if notified within 10 days of delivery.


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